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PayDay 2

PayDay 2

PayDay 2 is a sequel to an incredibly well made co-op game. The players will take the role of the members of a deadly gang and complete many various tasks. Amongst different missions we will find bank robberies, rescuing prisoners or even smuggling. Gamers will progress onto higher experience levels and buy more advanced equipment, which will be very useful during the combat. Still, the key to survive is co-operating with others.

PayDay 2 CDKey, Key STEAM

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PayDay 2 CDKey, Key STEAM   PayDay 2 is a sequel to an incredibly well made co-op game, in which the players could become the gangsters and complete a variety of tasks. The game was made by a Swedish developer studio called Overkill Software.   The gamers will, once again, play as the members of a deadly gang, accomplishing missions that were given to them through the CrimeNet system. The gameplay is a co-op adventure for up to four players. During missions, the users will face many different challenges, incluing bank robberies, the transport of drugs or getting hostages.   PayDay 2 will offer four character classes – Technician, Ghost, Mastermind and Enforcer – with a significantly different gameplay with each of them. This is due to a completely different set of weaponry and tasks that they will have to accomplish during the missions themselves.   One of the problems that gamers will encounter is a significantly improved (when compared to the original) artificial intelligence, which will now use a variety of new tactics. This means that repeating missions won't be boring in any way, and the randomness added to the game will make the experience itself even faster. Additionally, before every mission the players will be able to buy their weaponry or some smaller things, like the door access cards.